Spring Is Almost Here: 2 Ways To Brighten Up The Inside Of Your Home To Go With What Is Headed Your Way Outside

Have former tenants made your apartment a dirty, smelly place to live? Learn how to rectify this problm without having to rip out walls.

Spring Is Almost Here: 2 Ways To Brighten Up The Inside Of Your Home To Go With What Is Headed Your Way Outside

7 March 2016
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After a dreary, cold winter, spring is almost here, and you will soon start seeing green grass and flowers outside again. After your home has been shut up all winter with the heat on, you will be able to open up some windows to let that nice spring breeze get inside your home. You can make the inside of your home look like spring also by following the tips below. 

Adding Wallpaper

Adding some colorful wallpaper to a room can brighten it up fast. If you do not want to wallpaper an entire room, then add some wallpaper to only one wall.

One place you can wallpaper is your kitchen, which is likely a room that you spend a lot of time in each day.  Wallpaper one wall in your kitchen. This is much less expensive than using tile. Because the kitchen area could have a lot of moisture, choose vinyl wallpaper. Another idea is to use the wallpaper as a backsplash or use it to put a border around the wall.

Adding colorful wallpaper to a living room can make a huge impact. Again, you can wallpaper all walls or only one or two walls. Just make sure the wallpaper goes well with the paint in the room.

If you have never hung wallpaper yourself, you should consider hiring a wallpaper or powder coating professional to do it for you.

Adding Some Flowers

You will soon see flowers outside whether in your own yard or other people's yards in your neighborhood. Placing flowers throughout your home can brighten up every room you put them in. Flowers from a grocery store are an inexpensive way to purchase flowers. You can generally find a variety of colorful bouquets. Purchase a large bouquet and divide it up to put into smaller vases to place around your home, or use one large vase for several bouquets of different shades of flowers.  Look for flowers that have buds that are only slightly opened, as the buds will completely open while in your home and last longer for you. Make sure the stems are firm and do not purchase flowers that have wilting petals or discolored leaves.

If you plant flowers, plant a cutting flower garden. This way, you can have flowers that you can cut to put in your house all season long.

Using these tips will keep your home cheerful until the cold weather starts moving back in again.

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