Are You Up For The Challenge? ~ Getting A Room Ready To Be Painted

Have former tenants made your apartment a dirty, smelly place to live? Learn how to rectify this problm without having to rip out walls.

Are You Up For The Challenge? ~ Getting A Room Ready To Be Painted

29 January 2016
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If you have plans to paint a room in your home, you need to ensure that you prep the area correctly. This important pre-painting measure will aid in protecting your furniture and flooring from damage, and it will also aid in getting the most professional results. The following are preparations you can expect to make to get a room ready for a showstopping paint job.

Remove or Cover

In addition to removing or covering furniture and protecting your flooring, you will need to remove everything from your walls. You may remember the obvious such as pictures, mirrors or clocks, but do not forget to remove or cover light switches and light fixtures too. If you do not have the tools or know how to remove these, cover them using painter's tape.

Wash Walls

This is important because it removes grease, dirt and other substances from walls. The presence of residual substances may negatively impact the finished paint job. Use a mild soap and water to the clean the walls, and it is equally important to remove the cleaning agent from the wall.

Fill and Repair

If you have nail holes left behind from objects that were hanging on the wall, you will need to fill the holes. You can inject wall filler inside of the nail holes. Another option is to apply spackling paste over the  holes. Regardless of the option chosen, ensure that you even out the material as close as possible to the wall before it dries using a spackling tool. When it dries, use sandpaper to make the treated areas as uniform as possible with the wall. It is also important to replace any damaged portions of sheetrock. 

More Smoothing

Observe the wall for more signs of uneven areas. These may have been existent with the previous paint job, but remember you want an upgraded look and smoothing out bumps and ridges are a necessary component of a professional paint job. 

Prime Walls

Applying primer to your walls prior to painting them has several benefits. It can help the paint to adhere to the wall better. It may also reduce the appearance of blemishes such as paint blisters, which may form on unprimed painted surfaces during the drying process. Perhaps the best reason to use a primer is that it can keep your paint job looking great for a long time. 

Professional painters are the best resource to use if you want the best painting results because they have the expertise and know industry specific information. For example, there are two types of primer, and they are water-based and oil-based primers. It is best to use water-based primer on new sheetrock. Painting contractors will likely have laborers who can perform paint jobs with professional results in the most efficient manner and possibly save you time.

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